Digital Content Production

Whether it’s for business promotion or education, a way to document your family stories, a podcast to explore your passion or you just need a professional recording studio…we’ve got you covered!

Level 1

Basic Studio Rental

The room is yours for an hour. You get our studio and full access to our recording equipment. You record to your laptop.

Level 2

Finished Audio w/producer

Bring us your idea, take a seat at the mic and we’ll work with you to bring your vision to life. Our producer will be in-studio to provide production help along the way.

Level 3

Full Production w/producer

1 hour studio time will give you up to 4 fully produced pieces for use on social media, newsletters, websites, and/or self publishing/distribution.

Level 4

Requires Podcast Set-up: See Below

Full Production and Podcast Distribution

Includes storyboarding session, custom open/close, licensing, transcription, show notes, landing page and distribution to all major podcast platforms. One hour studio time will produce up to 4 fully mastered and scheduled episodes monthly.

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Special packages and add-ons

Legacy Plan Capture family memories
Bring in family members to document their story, in their voice! Have Grandma share that special recipe in a way only she can do .. or get your uncle to tell that story about Dad that no one else can do justice to..the possibilities are endless! One hour in-studio w/producer. Fully produced.
Podcast Set-up Music, voice work, and/or sound effects licensing plus Transcription, SEO,
Uploads, Show Notes, Landing Page, Account Maintenance, Submission approvals, Distribution to Apple podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, YouTube, Google Podcasts, SoundCloud, and TuneIn
Licensing Only License for music, voice work, and/or sound effects
Guided Platform We’ll provide a talent of your choice to facilitate your podcast
Social Media Set-up Facebook, IG, Twitter for podcast/content distribution